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What was it like to have TLC crew filming in your restaurant? And more importantly what did you do with the $90 coin change?

aaahhhh !!!!! Wow

Is there just vegetables dishes?

Yes, there are some dishes that are just vegetables. Though it will be a limited selection.

What universe was I just in? Some one take the red pill and fix the matrix.....

You shouldn’t be talking 😘

how much for adults?

On week days is cheaper... I paid 12 bucks all you can eat... Awesome!

I want to know if it is open to take away or to eat there on the premises

Just to take away

Is capital one credit card accepted ?

If it is a Mastercard or Visa, yes. As for American Express, I don't know.

How much is thw buffet?

Not all of the food is fresh. Some of it tastes like it's 1-2 days leftovers.

how much buffet

13.99 before 6 if I not mistaken and then 16.99 for dinner

hi guys, did pork n lard served here?


How much per head?

The food is ok nothing special 😒

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